Eight Generations of Family and Farming

The Old Homestead was founded by Clark Rogers on December 10th, 1787. The original deed states ownership of 558 acres of land. The Rogers Family has continued to obtain this estate, although smaller in size, to current day; Providing a home and farmland to 8 generations of the Rogers family.  

Use of land has primarily consisted of dairy and potato farming, as well as maple syrup production. In 1967, Clifford Rogers closed the farm for commercial use, due to it no longer being financially viable.  His son, Thomas Rogers, inherited the estate and raised his children-Stephen, Sarah, and Iris-there.


With the help of her family, Iris re-opened the Old Homestead for the use of growing Industrial Hemp through the Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program. New York State has partnered with Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and SUNY Morrisville to advance industrial hemp research in New York State. Iris looks forward to continuing a long history of farming, while providing needed research to the State of New York.


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