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Foster a Hemp Plant

Last year, Homestead Hemp started the Foster a Hemp Plant fundraiser to help purchase our first piece of equipment! Our company was looking to purchase a water wheel, which  helped transfer our hemp transplants into the ground.  We successfully raised enough money, and will continue using our water wheel for our second year of growth!

Over the winter, many people have continued to ask if they could make a donation to support our new endeavor, which we are beyond thankful for! So this year we are continuing Foster a Hemp Plant, and donations will go towards plant necessities, such as nutrients, fertilizer, and mulch!  


With your donation, you will be assigned a "foster plant", which can be named after you or be given a name of your choosing. As the plants grow and the summer goes on, we will upload pictures of the named plants on our social media, so you can see the progress, and the difference your donation made.


Our farm is now open for tours, so with your donation, we would love if you came to visit your foster plant! Email us at oldhomesteadhemp@gmail.com to set up a tour.

Check out some the foster plants featured below, and click the donate button to make a donation!


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