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Sarah Murphy  was born and raised in Salem, NY, on The Old Homestead. Her family used the property as a hobby farm throughout her childhood. Every morning she would wake up and help with farm chores; Such as feeding animals, watering crops and maintaining the estate.
During her summer breaks, Sarah would work as a farmhand for several commercial farms in the area. She would assist with growing crops, as well as harvesting.  Sarah additionally worked as a farm assistant at Merck Forest and Farmland Center for several years. At this non-profit, Sarah assisted in the birth and care of several farm animals. She additionally assisted in the growth and harvest of several crops.
Sarah has a B.A. in Psychology and has been working as an ABA therapist for over 5 years.  Sarah’s position has required her to perform behavioral assessments, design behavioral interventions, and design the collection of data pertaining to the behavioral interventions.   She has ultimately gained years of experience in creating and implementing experimental designs.
Sarah currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. Upon approval of the research proposal, Sarah is willing to move back to The Old Homestead, to head the management of the research project.

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